Thursday, 29 April 2010

End of April?!

The first day of rain in a while has passed and the evening has crowned the day. Kate did a dance class and I passed by Penzance Harbour several times at teatime, looking great, flat calm (Harry Flatters to those in the know), high tide and lots going on with boats going back in the harbour. Kate is even looking forward to going out again, though she's leaning more towards fishing than actually getting in the water (Indian Ocean still too recent a memory) 

I did say to her that it was my intention to don a (good, thick) winter wetsuit and go snorkelling before I am 50 in September, that gives me options on finding the warmest day of the year I guess. I know it won't be quite like our island, but to snorkel a little off St Loy or Penberth would be just the perfect way to cool off this summer.

At one point I parked the car and ran along the quay thinking I'd just seen my brother on his boat, got closer and realised it wasn't him.. if it had been he'd have been guilty of using the old Grecian2000 to be honest, but it was just a glimpse!

All worked in my favour as when I turned around, there was Ross out on his kayaking instructor's course; odd to see him being 'led' so to speak, he's usually the one running something for the kids, but realised how proud I am of him and all his efforts to become more qualified over the years.  A long way from the kid I had to encourage so much to learn to swim!  

Kate did good at the weekend, took exams in Tap and Acrobatics as well as performance medals in both. It was quite fantastic the moves they have learnt, she is certainly very flexible!.. but quick too, hence the trouble taking the photos.

Jordan has just signed up for a Sail Training week in June, not sure who's most excited her or me.. I love living through my kids, no physical effort on my part, but it sure takes its toll on a nervous stomach!

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