Sunday, 1 December 2013

A New Look!

I spent yesterday in Truro bemoaning the lack of inspiration for a Christmas shopping but today I piled everything I have on the bed and I am actually quite pleased with the progress so far.

You see it is how it is in our family that we have one or two main presents but lots of filler stuff around the edges .. and that's my job. Col is great at the glory present.. you know the one you wouldn't have bought but it was just there and irresistible or the one which took some research or manufacturing. One year he spent all Christmas Eve making a second hand Scalextrix track into a big boarded circuit complete with trees and houses.

I was moaning that I was uninspired as to be honest we are all so lucky these days that we have so much .. He said oh just get one gift each .. everyone is older now..and I thought .. yeah right and I remember the year we set out the gifts for Santa and he asked. . If one of the kids had enough! Bit late to be bothered then I reckon!

So that is why I have to lay out the gifts and see what the piles will look like at 2pm. 

So.. yesterday .. Truro. .all day. But not simply for shopping..Kate had another model assignment with about ten others being live mannequins for the New Look store. They had about seven sets to do statue still and no smiles. I watched several times and it was great to see people's reactions when they saw the girls move or if they touched the dress or the leg .. Kate looked great and we got her Model School pics back too and she has been asked to do some more photographic work from it. She has always taken a great pic and wanted to Model but it's only now she is on the way to being 17 that I think we can do something with it..

Here's a few pictures of the session. ...


  1. They look great, she must have been pleased when she could move and smile :)

  2. Well done with the pressies, I too have had mine out to look at them though some this year are vouchers so don't look much :(

    Kate looks stunning and well done on more work too xxx

    Thank you for blogging this week too, great to have you back :)

  3. Kate is beautiful! I think I would have liked to be a live mannequin when I was young and could stand like that for hours. Thank you for your kind comments about my blogging. I have enjoyed it so much and I do hope someone comes up with another one for this next year. Have a wonderful Christmas.


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