Saturday, 21 December 2013

December Daily : Day 21

So we took ourselves off to St Ives for some lunch and slowing down time. .then in the evening we went to do 'Christmas' with Lisa and her family in the 'Christmas House' as Lilly calls it.   It was fab to see them all with more space and with everyone together and having a less busy time of it.

The three girls had settled in so fast and we're dead beat after presents and a take away for supper.

Lyla was so funny eating pistachios with Col. Making faces for my pics! 

Lilly likes to go against the grain and we had some sticker books and loads of other things to do.. so we found her in the dining room with two shoe stickers stuck on kitchen roll drawing this lady .. pretty inventive for a 5 and half year old.

Baby Annabelle is just so any 11 month old she loved the wrapping paper..and the shaker music toy April so kindly bought...along with drums and xylophone for the big girls.. ever popular!!

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