Friday, 20 December 2013

December Daily :Day 20

Well it's been pretty busy and I have kind of been going through the motions as far as Christmas shopping and prep is concerned. .yes the pictures tell a different tale but they do sometimes don't they!?

But today I have had a nice day and am starting to feel it .. Lyla is here and we are watching some (more) Peppa Pig and wrapping some presents and tomorrow evening we do 'Christmas' with Lisa and her family. 

Life is very busy for them as they run an online shop so work takes over their home.. so they have rented a house ..With hot tub..for the week..not too far away but the miles are not important and it's lots cheaper then Centre Parcs.  As Cols dad is away on Sunday we are seeing the girls and him open pressies and getting takeaway for supper..sounds good. I quite like to vary what we do so no one feels they have to do something every year.

Also this super hamper of wine and cheese..Our favourite foods for when we see Cols Uncle Bill ..arrived in the post from Uncle Bill & lovely to think they may get here next year sometime..

Sadly our Secret Santa in the office has been postponed as one of our young gun designers is off sick but we made sure to give our favourite Scrooge fan his Christmas gifts.. He hates to join in so we make it worse by giving him multiple presents..which he receives with a smile xx


  1. Hi Kathi well I finally got around to looking at your blog and as always I love your stories keep it up
    Happy xmas to you and yours

    1. yep, I have found a December Daily easier than an epistle every couple of weeks! Hope you have a great Christmas and maybe get to see your brood? K xx

  2. It's great to keep up with you this month, Kathi.

  3. Wonderful post!
    I am glad that you are back in the challenge!
    /Thank you for your comments on my blog! I took that as an invitation to participate in 2014. Right?/
    Nice weekend!

  4. Lovely to see what you are all up to and agree that different things yearly works well. so hope you are enjoying the first of many family/friend/ work get togethers and LOL to 'Mr Scrooge'

    I like daily quick blogs too :)

  5. Love your post as usual. LOL, I think every office has a Scrooge! Have a wonderful Christmas holiday and a Happy New Year.

  6. Gorgeous photos. Have a Happy Xmas with all your troupe and all the best fro 2014 ! xxx


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