Saturday, 14 December 2013

December Daily: Day 14

So we had a kids day and Ross April Col and I took the three girlie's to Trevor no to the Helston Railway. We rode on the brake van with its red hot little stove and drank hot spicy apple drink in the buffet afterwards.

The girls ..and I got to meet Santa and I even sat on his knee! Oh dear .. and Col was videoing all the time whilst I didn't know!

It's a great little piece of railway run by volunteers and proper old school family time.

This evening Lilley has slept over and we all enjoy some super one to one.. We decorated the dresser and now we are having an 'almost  midnight' feast..Jordan and I are eating the savouries and Lilly has the ─║ong promised candy cane off my tree!!

I took some pics and I even made a corner forZac's ships and his tree .. The upside for him this year is he cannot cut my Holly from Hawaii xx

A few pics.. even the one where the two youngest met Joey through the security of plate glass..oh and the girls saw a fix walk through the garden and yard at 9am.
I think today you could say we 'Went for It' ... great last prompt Anne xx xx


  1. A great time, love your dresser. xx

  2. Saw the 'midnight feast 'on FB :)
    Lovely family times this week too

    I am planning my quote week today and will send to Jenni and to you before next weekend so it will be uploaded on 23rd, Fancy having Christmas week to do LOL!! We go away on 23rd so it will be a very easy challenge from me for the last one.
    Off now to do your challenge before next Sunday, my the time is flying by!!!! Where has the year gone LOL!!

  3. Lovely photos. I can see you are going to have a great Christmas.

  4. Sitting on Santa's knees !!!! Well done Kathi. xxx


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