Wednesday, 25 December 2013

December Daily Day 25 :Christmas Day

So.. I just spoke to my of three times a year we try and catch up. . Birthdays and Christmas, you know how it is..

It was lovely though, one time it was a bit awkward whenever we spoke or met, I was caring for and living with Mum and he was away living, doing his thing, both of us busy raising a family or two.

Now we speak because we don't actually have to but because we are family, because, as Mum once told me. ...we are the only people made the same. .from our Mum and Dad..and somehow that means we should acknowledge the fact even if unspoken.

I know we only say 'I Love You' at Christmas but we know that there is a special love there all year because it is the common history, the common parentage and the common knowledge that time passes and so do those people and with it our memories and our own lives...

Happy Christmas and a good year ahead Ken x


  1. Kathijo, Your mum was so wise. I will remember that phrase when I talk to my family as I have 2 girls who are at odds with each other.

  2. Great post Kathijo. Our moms always seem to know the right thing to say and always seem to be right! I will remember what your mom has said when I get frustrated with my sister or brother. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Oh, I forgot to mention. I would love to do another challenge even if is it just pictures. They are much easier sometimes though I do like some of the thought provoking challenges we have had this year. Take care. xxxx

  4. I have just told Peter that phrase too, love sentiments there xxx


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