Friday, 29 November 2013

Friday Fun..still Learning.

Well I had Lyla for a few hours this afternoon and we played skittles with these lovely inflated skittles from Avon. She let me have a go and was so happy that I managed to knock a skittle down. She clapped and shouted 'Well Done Nannie'

I guess I learned that kids can have fun and show their delight when it is someone else's success they are celebrating as well as it being all about them.  Worth remembering sometimes as it is easy to think kids are hard work!


  1. Gosh she has grown!!! What a lovely way to spend the afternoon. xx

  2. Ditto, she has really grown in the past months. She looks very cute. xxx

  3. aww looks like you had great fun :)

  4. She looks fun to be with and yes children show great pleasure in someone else's success at times x


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