Sunday, 22 December 2013

December Daily : Day 22

Holly Tree day...We cut it, arranged it and my niece Tegan came by to help decorate. We are officially festive!

It was great having Tegan here as I could tell her all the nostalgia stuff without her rolling her eyes and having heard it all before...though I think maybe she did lose interest after the third or fourth decade of tales! my folks used to decorate the Holly on Christmas Night as an extra gift from Santa my brother 'heard' Santa as the bell decorations were being put on the tree. I still have very threadbare tinsel which is almost 65 years old..and how Col says it looks like it!

..ahhh how I love Nostalgia and also making new nostalgia for my children's future xx

Oh and amazingly we have scooped two hampers the past 2 hours .. one via Sainsbury's and none from our train trip last weekend.. how cool is that!


  1. Yeah well done you enjoy them. Holly looking good, have a fantastic time. xx

  2. great photos recording the run up to Christmas, love the holly tree. Thanks for doing my challenge this week xxx

  3. It is great when all the family get ready for Christmas.


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