Tuesday, 17 December 2013

December Daily : Day 17

Well our Zac is in dry dock in Vancouver with his cruise ship the Grand Princess this week. He has managed to call and we got a decent connection using his mobile..usually we settle for the cheaper Satellite connection but a good long technical chat is a bit overdue.

I love to hear Col on the phone to Zac..He loved working on big boats and now loves to share stories and hear tales from Zac's trips. Me, well I like to check he is well and having a healthy safe time ...oh and all about the dancing girls. .

Col used to work away himself and once got a radio guy out of his bunk to make the ship to shore connection on Christmas Day.  His parents and brother were surprised to hear from him and all passed the phone around wishing him Happy Christmas but not getting deep into conversation.  They said goodbye, wished him all the best and the call was over .

The radio guy, still weary from broken sleep, disconnected the call, turned to Colin and told him the length of the call.. 1 minute 25 seconds ...
'Worth it was it ?' he asked...
...'Not really'..said Col and went back to his single bunk in the North Sea to enjoy the rest of his Christmas Day...;-(

Funny stories..experiences..offshore life is all about them..

..We have sent two packages out to Zac for him to collect after Dry Dock when he goes down to San Francisco to get the Christmas contingent of cruise guests. I hope they all get through.. Some of the customs side of trying to get things to the USA is quite difficult. .so Jordan and I have taken pictures of the gifts to send him on 25th just in case they never turn up..It is the thought which counts ..isn't it?


  1. Photos of presents to come - what a good idea! And allays the suspicion that they were purchased in a post-Christmas panic!
    Have a great family Christmas Kathi - I know you will

  2. The parcels arrived in San Francisco less than 72 hours after leaving me.. I could hardly have got to London, boarded a plane and flown there myself in that time.. way to go APC xx

  3. I'm glad your packages arrived in time. I remember being away from home on Christmas a couple of times (just me and the hubby) and it made our Christmas so much nicer to have received our packages to open. Will you be able to talk to Zac on Christmas Day? Great post as usual and I look forward to seeing your pictures.

  4. How lovely to be able to talk to Zac and wonderful the parcels arrived so quickly.


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