Monday, 23 December 2013

December Daily : Day 23

Well it is all very calm here but not without preparations going on! The elves and the shoe maker ..aka the men in my house .. have been busy. Ross has set up the speakers and made places by the Holly for stockings .. The old softie!

Col has been busy in the workshop. .I told Kate it is so he can get jobs done instead of doing Christmas stuff but the third evening in a row and she is suspecting he is Santa's helper big style...You will see on Wednesday ..xx

Kate herself is doing April's nails.. she is getting good at them now..but she is not sure if she will do it as a job..she feels like a hen would prefer something office based and has grabbed a three day a week job at a telesales place for next year, to run alongside her beauty course. She is quite determined.

Back tomorrow!


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  2. Oh and admirer?????

    Wonder what Col was up too?

    Grest photos of family life :)

  3. yep.. someone who wanted to tell me all about his webservices! Forgot to post a pic of what Colin was making.. will post it now xx

  4. Tell Kate I could do with my nails being done they're a real mess :) That photo of Col looks intriguing


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