Tuesday, 24 December 2013

December Daily : Day 24

Christmas Eve .. actually currently a little less festive than previous days ..maybe as Kate has just observed it will be done and dusted in 24 hours!

I braved the showers (yesterday's stormy rain seems to have passed and baring the debris left on the roads it has been uneventful here) and went to Tesco.  I must have stopped for every set of traffic lights but it got better as the day progressed..I even got some reduced salads and trifle so tonight is a medley of buffet type grub!

Then Col and I ventured to Penzance, mainly as Truro was a jaunt too far. He keeps telling me he hasn't got me a present but I am not sure if it is a ploy to make me think that.. anyways I am feeling like a very lucky girl this year..lots of trips away and lots spent on our new rooms ..so frivolous spending for one day feels a bit unnecessary .. and I have a bottle of perfume on Boots awards and several bits I bought whilst Xmas shopping .. All he had to do is wrap!

Penzance is now a sad little town full of phone shops, beauty salons and charity shops..In need of a good steam clean and an injection of all round enthusiasm. I am sure it offers corners of hope but not on a one off visit through the town it doesn't. .

So Jaded and Jaded bought the few last minute extras which made us feel a little more prepared.. and came home to make some Mulled Cider with one of Jordan's popular little kits...hic!

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