Monday, 2 December 2013

Never the Novotel. .

Just had to share this with everyone. I book Colin's hotels for when he is out on customer visits and I try to get somewhere nice but also close to his next call and with easy parking for a big van.

He has stayed in many Premier Inns and they are all just the same inside so lately I have found some alternatives.  For tonight I booked a Novotel very close to tomorrow morning's call. They had a Shopping Special with breakfast and a welcome pack .. a glass of bubbly on arrival. Well all he wanted was B&B so grabbed the extras for the same money.

Turns out he has to complete a form to get the bubbly .. and this is the contents of the Welcome Pack:
Antiseptic hand gel
Bottle of water
Some jelly beans

Yup..just what you need if you stay in a 70s style hotel which lacks .. well just about everything you are used to ..

Needless to say I am not booking that again..X Sorry hun x


  1. Love it lol. Have noted not to stay in one of them. Xx

  2. What a let down. We won't try them when we need the odd night


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