Sunday, 31 July 2011

What a difference..

.. a week I can report a much less pleasing weekend.. though not a complete disaster, just no way as fab as last week!  The world here is grey today, so humid it turned to drizzle and now rain.. at least the boys have the prospect of Jenson Button winning the GP to keep them excited.

As for me, I got up feeling a little low so not wanting to lose the day to the doldrums I set to work using up all the odds and ends of food we have in the cupboard.. hence the Domestic Goddess in me was reborn.. between 11 and 1.30 I turned out Banana Loaf, Apple Crumble, Pizzas, Curried Cauliflower Soup and currently a work in progress.. Marinated Mackeral... yes, just like 'Mommy use to Bake'  And if I'm lucky everyone will be happy with 'Easy Tea' this evening.. who knows I may get a film in or some scrapbooking!

Col and his Dad went fishing yesterday, an early start at 8am and then through til about 4pm. They caught a good few mackeral and some fantastic cod.. here's the pic to prove it!...

Didn't he do well!
I spent yesterday morning with Kate at a kind of model casting session for a range of make-up ; it was a bit disorganised, which always makes you feel a little better for some reason.. better that than to be on the back foot I always think! They told the girls not to overdo thier hair, so they all turned up with kind of 'just out of bed' heads, not preened and also with no make up as requested.  Trouble is they did the make up for photos and just left the hair, I think the girls will generally be a bit disappointed when they get some new pics but with yesterday's hair! Oh well, everyone was very nice and it was an insight of sorts into how things can be.. locally anyway!

Jordan, Zac & Ross all worked the morning, it was very odd to be 'home alone', in fact I always have a plan of things to do when I 'have the time', but then a couple of coffees and a bit of Tv later, I'm running late again!  JB met Col off the beach at Porthcurno and this is one of the pics they took of Pops, holding anchor in the boat..look at those beaches!


  1. Pictures are stunning, what a size that cod is looks yummy.
    Love and Hugs

  2. Showed Mick the pic of pops and he turned a funny shade of green, then he wanted to see the boat and went even greener!!! Strange man.xx

  3. What, even after cruise-central!! Must be honest, it was a big fish, but held to.. err, what do you call it... foreground?


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