Sunday, 3 July 2011

Worth the effort...

.. of the anticipation and the thinking about.. a great day yesterday at Newlyn, a small compliment on the Just Scrapbooking team but it seems to be the way of things in the summer. 

As planned I took some of  Uncle Bill's photos of the Mount and Newlyn, with copies printed in soft focus on watercolour paper.. the texture and colours were lovely and then when I used the 'technique of the day', grunging the two photos into the background it came into it's own. I loved the seashell stencils and once again it set me off browsing e-bay for bits and pieces today too!

It was nice too to use some of the little extras I've been hoarding for ages, fishing rub-ons and little pewter seahorses...needless to say I've come home with a pot of texture paste to play with, and Linda tells me it works if you mix with acrylic paint.. messy play coming up!

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