Saturday, 16 July 2011

Special days..

.. like birthdays seem to be around every corner with a family our size, but this week Ross and Lisa have celebrated and now our Lilly is 3 years old today.  (I think this is the point where I remember my brother and then our pal will in the US .. and .. and ..!)

Happy Birthday Honey!
(.....I'm not Honey, I'm Lilly!)
 Kate had a school trip to Alton Towers yesterday, a 24 hour trip out, so as we were going to be out late fetching her.. good excuse to have a pizza and go see a film.. 'Bridesmaids'.. can recommend it, a not too gooey, proper film for girls.. and boys. It's just funny!  And I managed to shop on the way back, treading water til we met Kate, and it was great to miss the crowds.. though the shelf stackers didn't make the journey too easy.

Today is on hold as the mizzle has descended and it's kind of a grey day...but maybe a nice excuse to take a day off gently.. a little tidying and a few chores, but by evening we should have ticked the boxes!

Jordan's keen to bake a cake and as Lilly has lots of goodies I can see Zac's going to enjoy a 'welcome Back from your Holiday' cake.. he likes cake, any cake!

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  1. Hope Lily has had a great day and Zac got home OK! xx


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