Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday weekly!

It's getting a bit that way, only managing to settle to some blogging on a Sunday, but hey, better than a blogless fortnight or more like before when I've needed the 'Karen-prod'

It's been a hectic week, we put off a trip to meet friends in Amsterdam as we are so behind at work and what with other family doing their own thing it was going to be a small logistical moment to organise and relax enough to make the time really enjoyable.

Also.. Ross turned 25 on Friday! Half my life and all of his.. I told him that so far he'd just been practicing and now he could go enjoy all he's learnt.
I think he liked that and it's true really, you don't even realise you're alive 'til you hit the teens and then you make all the mistakes 'til your twenties!  He's loving surf coaching and the summer will kick in now and keep him busy for several months.

Some of his best pals came over for a barbecue and he and Colin did a great job prepping the vans / field / barbecue and it all went smoothly. (Lilly was centre of her world as ever and took a liking to Ross' mate, always fun to watch her dictating the odds and the guy in question toeing the line.. amazing talent at three, it will be interesting to see her at twenty three!!)

It's quite an odd feeling thinking I've been a mum for half my life. but those times when you wonder what you've actually been doing and you look at the family and think to yourself.. yeah, I ticked the box!

Meanwhile, Zac and Lucy are sunning it up in Ibiza and we're waiting to hear all his stories when he gets back next weekend..

.. we tried to get a trip out in the boat today but weather stopped play, it was just too grey and sloppy looking to make it worth the effort. So we retired back home and enjoyed the British GP from Silverstone..always fun as being an old airfield it's often wet one side and sunny the other.. makes for interesting tactics! Just glad we weren't there camping.. or anywhere camping to be honest.. why would anyone do that when en-suite is an option???

As usual for the last few weekends I've had a grim headache this afternoon.. been analysing it and usually need a sleep to clear it, but today I tried a cup of coffee and a hot bath and it worked.. as I's caffeine withdrawl! By lunch in the week I'd generally put away about six cups of tea or coffee, weekends are different.. don't want to give the coffee up though..mmmmm.... go to intravenous maybe?!


  1. you will be the new "news of the world" lol

  2. mm, would have to be anonymous to keep it 'that' interesting!


I am hoping that 'Anonymous' has stopped stalking me with his Spam now, but may have to put verification back on if it comes back.. I just can't buy any more over the counter drugs or Louis V handbags girls!! ;-)