Thursday, 21 July 2011

Ahhh, cute!

Couldn't resist taking this picture of my biggun and the baby this morning just after 8am!  Kate was just heading out the door, to trudge to the school bus-stop, (her pet hate.. school / school bus/ anything to do with school) when Ross asked her why she was going so soon, didn't she want a lift at 8.30?

This is the resultant cuddle.. if it had happened before he offered then it would have been a definite example of what mum would have called 'cupboard love'!

Funny the little phrases we get used to... my hairdresser and I were talking about old films and I mentioned that Fatal Attraction has been on quite a bit lately...we wondered whether the term 'bunny boiler' would still be used by our kids..or will it die out with the generation who grew up with the film?

Just I do!


  1. What a great photo. Hopefully last day for Kate today for a few weeks. Definitely my last day ;D xx

  2. Nice Photo not very often you get syblings having a cuddle.


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