Sunday, 3 July 2011

'Not the Same'

Then it was time for a little speed scrapping.. more of UB's photos but unusually I noticed a batch of photos of me and Jordan, usually she's taking the photos....we had a day to 'the wester'd' back in December 2009 when UB and his lady came to visit.. Sennen and the Minack.. I love the photo of us shopping., you don't usually take photos in the shop do you.. oh but Uncle Bill did!

And I'm getting to grips with Jordan's old camera, hence the better photos.. this one in macro, (Ooooh, listen to me!).. showing off the combination of Prima flowers, a clothes tag Not The Same', a birthday card and some Betty Boop calendar elements.. true scrapping as Lisa would say!

It was lovely to scrap an ordinary day, not a big event, makes you realise how many days and comfortable moments we'd not remember so well, if it wasn't for the photos.. and now the scrapbooking!  And JB and I certainly have some very comfy moments.. especially shopping!

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