Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Nine days later..

... not sure I have much to show for them, but must have been busy not to have written before. Mind you, with Karen away on her delicious cruise there is less going on here so maybe I'm looking less too!

Been feeling a bit under the weather, can't quite put my finger on it, reminds me of how I used to feel at end of term at Uni.. maybe it's that 'run-down' thing Mum used to say I had when she was kindly telling me to stay home more and get some early nights!
I think also my neck has been acting up, I got told about ten years ago I had 'more than average wear and tear' on it (5 kids, carried on hip at 30 months each is a good start when I wonder why!), and it seems whatever I do my arms and neck are in there getting busy...yes, cooking, blogging, working, ironing and worst of all even the sandpapering and distressing of scrapbooking.

So last eve I made the effort to lay down and watch some TV.. and promptly fell asleep.. seems I must have needed it!

Scrapbooking on Saturday was great, Emma was there for the first time in a few months and it was great to catch up.. she has her new extension (and decking) almost done, so it was nice to see how a happy bunny feels!! Mind you, I now have wayrock (?) screwed to mine so maybe it is forward movement and perhaps the promise of birthday tea outside for Pops on Sunday will spur on the deck!  Watch this space..   Pat has had a new grandchild, almost every month one of us has some family news or another.

Our baby Lyla is coming along leaps and bounds, almost crawling (thanks to laying on her belly for sleeping maybe?) and she just smiles at everything! 

No Way!
Big sister rules our roost as much as she can a couple of days each week, but it's so refereshing to see her.. and hear her angle on the world according to a 3-year old!  Here she models today's fashion accessory and I have pics of her mum in just the same outfit 20 yrs ago! Love it!


  1. HELLO I'M BACK!!!!! Get blogging girlie :)

    How could you dress your daughter and grand daughter in carrier bags... and Tesco's at that ... come on now Sainsbury's at least!! lol xxx

  2. mmm, if only I was able to have any infuence.. they are girls and past the magic age of three, when parental influence is null & void! xxxx


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