Thursday, 14 July 2011

And there we were..

Not our Boat!
We set off from the Mount harbour in brilliant sunshine, almost like summer!  Set off across Mount's Bay with Jb at the helm, it was lovely to get out and have a change from the norm...

.. not much fish about and not much desire from me and Jb to do anything but close our eyes and enjoy the sunshine and the sea air.

I often get teased about 'the Nostalgia Tour' I take friends and family on where I used to live, and today we did it from the sea, calling close in to Lamorna and Penberth and along the coast, somehow even Colin was happy to play along, maybe because he didn't need to wish he had a seat and a book while I met someone I knew! 

I cannot go there without thinking that nothing there has changed since I was a child, or my Dad, or his Dad, was a child. Yes. maybe the little fields around the corner are no longer nicely tended, maybe there's a life ring or two around, but the age-old granite outcrops will stay firm and outlive us all. (and the Geology 'A' level girl in me loves those granite cliffs for all kinds of reasons.. how did they cool so slowly so deep under the ground, how did the crack as they cooled, yet still hold together over many centuries?

Karen set a challenge to take some pictures from a different perspective and I got some lovely shots of Penberth from the sea, not your usual view of the capstan or the house by the sea. I know they're not that different a perspective but.. I tried, and will continue to do so.. til Sunday.

It's just great to see it from another angle...

.. and as a complete change from the natural world, Kate is off to Alton Towers tomorrow for the day (a long one at that!) with school.


  1. Sounds as though you had a wonderful time. I have been to porthcurno with dad in the cool tunnels atnthe wireless museum. What a great county we live in xx hugs yvonne

  2. These are lovely Kathi - you are going to have to take me for a trip down memory lane soon. Never been to Penberth. xx

  3. Karen.. you're on.. it should be on your / my list of things to do for the summer holiday..K x


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