Friday, 1 July 2011

Anticipation is the key.

.. the key ingredient to most of my good and bad emotions.. I've decided! 

Generally I really love the waiting for and looking forward to a big event.. whether it's Christmas , a birthday or something to go to, like a holiday or Grand Prix or something, I can get completely absorbed in the detail and learning about 'the thing', working towards making it a great moment... hopefully with some nice scrapable pictures thrown in!
And generally the anticipation is more enjoyable than the event itself, which generally throws up some mundane-ness or another I had completely overlooked.. the dishes to tidy / the travelling or the deflated feeling when 'the' present wasn't quite the dog's whatsits you were hoping for!

Other events fill me with dread, telling someone something they don't want to hear, hearing something I don't want to hear but knowing it's coming, going to the dentist, taking someone else to the dentist (even!) or just the approach of a moment in your life you know you have to face....the stress of it makes me ill, but the other day I realised and remarked that in actual fact I'd rather have a worry day and feel the stress than a nothing day and feel nothing...

... well, tonight's been a nice anticpation moment. It's Scrapbooking tomorrow and I've been putting a bit of thought into what pictures I may use and what my layouts might say....'Oh! Only scrapbooking!' I hear you cry, but the whole process, the thinking, the picking out the pictures, the printing of them, in several sizes and formats, all adds up to make the actual few hours there, doing it, all the better.  And spending the time with some other people enjoying the same moments is great in itself.

Linda set us a challenge in June using words and pictures of a video 'Dream Big'' and I've pondered it long and hard.. yes, into July!! But I have found a couple of photos from my archive and I should be able to do something nice with them...

As for the rest of the week, it's been okay.. Zac finished his 'A' levels and Kate had two days home with teacher's strike and a training day.. she'll enjoyanother nice long weekend.. just to keep in touch with long weekends as they have at least another 3 weeks til summer holiday!
Col's working on the boat, should be in the water by the end of the weekend..and the weatherman promises sunshine this weekend (for a day indoors scrapbooking.. and a day out and about with my big girls and her two little 'uns!)

oh and for good measure, yet again I'm going to scrap some of chief photographer Uncle Bill's pics from his last trip here.. he should live in my pocket, such a great eye for a photo!

Here's one ..

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