Sunday, 24 July 2011

Grand Days Out!

Well when the guys in our office ask what I did this weekend I shouldn't have any trouble remembering.. it's been fab. I fitted so much in and have seen lots of lovely people too.  Getting up at 7am certainly gives you lots of scope, not sure I can do it every weekend, but fine weather and a plan certainly got me going yesterday!

JB worked for a few hours out west Saturday and I collected her from the Minack.  We bought our new annual tickets and made a pact to go there for lunch a lot more.. the bay was 'Harry flatters' and Treryn Castle had hardly a wave breaking.  A new drama company had just arrived for rehearsals and JB did this nice little pic with a warmify eefect courtesy of her sunglasses!

We had some good times planned..and I was like a pig in smelly stuff.  Next stop St Levan church, flowers for M&D, a little sit in the sun and a quiet reflection on the personalities and family we remembered there.

Next stop Penberth, I was armed with some old photos which I wanted to place in the current location ala .. it wasn't quite as easy as I'd hoped because you have to try and have something in the background you can line up with the old photo.
We played with a few and Jordan said she could also play with the options in photoshop, so we'll see what comes up.  On the way down cove we met some cousins and old friends, stopped to chat (JB patient as ever.. dozing in the warmth of the car!).. it was so cool, we talked about how fantastic the first paddle or the first trip out in the boat for the year is a real moment, you feel renewed, replenished..  I wanted to try the photo thing outside Favell's house, especially as one of the children in the photo was also there, but was persuaded to wait til Favell has a new wooden gate.. just like in the picture.

We also said how cool it would be to have a communal sharing of the old photos we all have.. hoping that night happen..

...and the tide was just right, nice enough to paddle, just wish I'd taken along my old photo of Ross having his first paddle in front of Will Tom's rock.. but instead JB took some of me..

And true to my scrapbooking I came back home and bought myself this lovely pebble stamp I'd seen on e-bay... I think I'll have lots of photos where it will make a great background..

Today me and my three girls and the babe went on Lisa's birthday shopping trip to Plymouth.. everyone came home with several bags of swag , Lyla was brilliant, loved being carried around by Auntie Kate and her pram was definitely better than any shopping trolley!

.. so, now to watch some TV and say hi to the week..


  1. That is a busy weekend, getting up early at weekends is great as you get so much more out of the day.xx

  2. busy girl. great seeing everyone blogging even me xx


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