Sunday, 26 June 2011

Ooooo Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...'s been a fine weekend!

I've just come back from an afternoon's saunter along Penzance prom with Colin.. and they had 8,000 plus pirates in attendance, beating the Hastings world record by about 2,000. It was amazing, kids, parents, teens, oldies, babies, everyone..some with full pirate regalia and some with justthe obligatory bandana, striped top and cutlass.. lots of drawn on scars and moustaches and  more than a fair share of guy-liner.. old Johnny Depp has a lot to answer for!  Mind you, if Penzance can't get the record for numbers of Pirates who can!

Mazey Day yesterday was busy, too busy for me to be honest and I just enjoyed a lazy lunch with Linda and then we holed up for an hour in an old book shop..there were plenty of Pirates about then too, but some of the stalls were positioned so that getting around and getting a good view was a bit hard, so I didn't stress, the parades will come again next year!
(I think I'm getting that I don't like  crowds much, the idea of going to say a festival or GP and getting the buzz is well outweighed by the travelling or the encountering of thousands of people.)

Today was good though, the people spread from Newlyn almost across to the harbour..and everyone enjoying our first proper sunny day for ages.

Karen set a friendly 'Shadows' challenge and I had it in mind when I took a few pics at the harbour today..  the first is a true shadow, Colin with beers in hands but I really wanted the great reflection off the Scillonian, but I think the second shot is a little nicer..

Oh.. and I just made my first e-bay purchases!!! Everyone is afraid, very afraid...

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  1. good to have some company with last weeks challenge, although i still haven't done mine. great photos and all those pirate ships are fab :)


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