Saturday, 30 April 2011

Sounds like ... JB has her school prom this evening and I just spent half an hour with her, scrunch drying her hair, just hangling out. We went shopping earlier... we both bought shoes we don't actually need that much (but aren't they just about the best kind..) and had a lovely lunch, her being a grown-up girl has kind of snuck up on me and it's just lovely.

So here I am, about to do some ironing, with my choice on iTunes.. and that means a little Carly Simon, some Cat Stevens and the perfect roll-back tracks from David only takes a few bars of Some Kind of a Summer or one of the more well known tracks to transport me back to 1973 and my last summer in Penberth.. yeah, same old thing, hot summers, almost a teenager, not having to work, laying about, listening to the radio...

.. but then again, my mate Teddy would come along and add his ten penneth... some Roxy Music or something much more hip, either way they all whisk me back to 'way back when'..

...and in the light of Linda's comment below..just for you.. (I have it still, and Cherish..and Dreams Are Nuthin' More than..Wishes..)

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  1. one of my favoutite albums " rock me baby.. david on front cover in the rocking chair....
    where the summers really so hot and sooooo good or is it nostalgia


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