Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Men are from Mars...etc

Linda just set the April challenge for the Just Scrapbooking Saturday crew!  Scrapbook 5 items you would take if you had to leave everything else behind, for whatever reason.... well it has caused considerable debate in our house already..(like we need anything else to debate and disagree on!)

Jordan and I started instantly with family heirlooms which mean a lot to us.. jewelry we had from mums, grans and nans alongside treasured photos we don't have on disc etc etc.

In come the boys... Zac & Colin to be precise..and their list was full of ammunition, gadgets, survival aids.. oh and a 2lb bag of sugar for Colin.. 'need to keep my energy up'

Ross on the other hand had to have his van, surfboard and camera.. a getaway vehicle I guess and just in case there's a tsunami on the horizon!

Sooo... what to scrap then.. I guess most of us scrapbook addicts will go down the emotional route, but you never know...

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