Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Brilliant.. she who loves cake!

..night yesterday at the Hall for Cornwall.. I love Sarah Millican, she really enjoys her work, giggles all the way through.. and is so naughty but gets away with it because she looks like your pal down the road!  Oh and the fat free fruit cake there is to die for (Jenney!), though I'm sure it doesn't qualify as a 'cake' if it's fat free does it?

We were tempted to go again tonight for an evening with Neil Morrissey (Tony from Men Behaving Badly days) but we have early start tomorrow to go up to Sussex for Henry's funeral, so probably best to have an easy evening....mind you, where it says easy evening, for Colin, read digger work

It's been a beautiful day again today, I only got to enjoy a bit of it, playing taxi, but hopefully it'll stay for the weekend.  It's been a strange day in some ways, Kate at home (yes, all day!) doing chores; she's off to Plymouth shopping tomorrow and looking for spending money.. hey, if it gets my ironing done and the fridge cleaned etc, what's the cost of a dress or two between friends!

Oh, and we had a minor emergency on Sunday.... Colin called our machine handy-man Monday and told him so.... the dishwasher broke....well it's emergency enough for us lot..!

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