Friday, 8 April 2011

Looking forward...

.. to the weekend. Usually I write about what's been and gone, but today it's mostly a look forward blog. Off tomorrow to collect on our Christmas gift from Lisa & co .. tickets to see John Bishop in Plymouth. I love stand up comedy, watched Rhod Gilbert last evening and Al Murray... just can't get enough of it! 

 The idea was to stay overnight but... we have a digger in and the sun is we'll set off later and catch a Domino's pizza for tea, then drive back after the show...that way it's a mini lie-in Sunday, then hopefully a day in the garden...a large area to change / landscape etc... Oh, I'm kidding myself, my job is generally weeding and catering.. which suits me okay really!

It's 8.30pm now and Zac & Colin are still out playing with the digger and dump truck, lots of trees to move, hedges to create and hopefully sunny windtraps too!

Just a little moment's reflection, we lost an old friend this week. Henry Crawford, the original inventor of our trolley patent died, aged 95 years and a month. We met him about 12 years ago, he was a super super guy, had a million quiet stories from his life and was probably the most honourable gentleman we've ever known. 

Henry always said that we'd added to his life and he definitely added to ours, I remember going to the Tomorrow's World Live show with him, we were exhibiting the new invention at the Inventor's Fair part of the show. The three of us stayed in a small Earl's Court hotel and it was such fun to take him around London in the evenings, spotting all the company buildings he had visited as a Senior Civil servant in 1950's.  Later he and his family had retired to develop a Newquay camp site, back in the days of two sheets of loo paper per visit and all that!

A long life later, he was tired and had his final struggle this week, sad to leave his sister companion who has cared for him so much this past five years.  And hopefully STS and all that we make it can be his legacy, a life well lived....xxxx

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