Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Best blogging..

... is generally done after a few glasses of wine and some chocolate!

Jordan, Kate and I are here making short work of a packet of Viscount chocolate biscuits...on a bit of a feeding frenzy and quite hyper.

I just mentioned to Jordan how well the orthodontic work is going on her teeth.... she had four teeth out and one 'revealed' back in the autumn, quite an ordeal and already the new tooth has taken pride of place in the line-up.  Just a little tweaking and securing for a year or so and she can show us the sparkley whites and I can post a picture!

'Ahhh, they make me look normal',  Jordan commented... followed by 'now all I need to do is act normal'!!

She's so

..and here's those pics of her Graphics project...Murder at the Mall.

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