Sunday, 6 December 2009


.. of the year seems to be order of the day on TV at this time of year.. just wanted to share the page I speed-scrapped yesterday and then doodled at leisure this morning for an hour...slight artistic license keeping in a photo of Will & Michele's visit last Christmas (technically 2008), and letting the last 3 months be reflected by just boating, but maybe that's how the year felt!

Hard to believe the pictures are of the same page.. bah, humbug, phone mumblings! If I could find the proper camera charger would help, but then the images are so huge it takes ages to upload..never happy, mumble mumble.

Ross has gone off on a roadtrip today, visiting friends from here to Edinburgh. Good old Google maps (do I get points for bigging up Google on Blogger??) says it's going to be 1300 miles in 7 days, sounds like an epic trip until I realise Colin has 900 miles in 2 and half days PLUS 4 customer calls, and a few sad lonely nights in a Travel Inn to boot.. and not always, may I say, the Travel Inns that Lenny Henry would be proud to feature in his adverts either!

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