Monday, 28 December 2009


..I thought maybe you'd think I died under a pile of nut cutlets or empty port bottles, so thought I should keep you posted. Really fantastic to keep on getting scrappers posting on our team site.. really getting into the swing of it now.

Christmas has been really great,lots of eating, drinking, family time.. not always very rested but certainly rejuvenated, and the lie-ins certainly come high on the list of best bits!!

Scrapping wise my boys surpassed themselves, they got me a Cuttlebug! (embossing and cutting machine) Didn't think for a minute they'd organise themselves that well, I was joking about it all the time as I was dead sure it wasn't going to happen.. even teased Zac I might buy one on Christmas Eve with Pops' money pressie! (lucky the shop was shut or I may have given him something to really worry about!)  Apologies to Linda though, but I'm sure someone somewhere needs to home a surplus Bug??

Amazing but I haven't taken a single picture this holiday as U Bill is here and kind of adopts official photographer status, cheap to keep really for having him on tap 24 hours a day.  His lady and her daughter arrived yesterday and we had a long lazy meal and have plans for the Mount, Mousehole and St Ives I think before Thursday. 
I bought them a few little gifts and shared with them the thought that Jordan and I had found it quite hard not to buy gifts for ladies this year., all the shops seem to have things like notebooks, diaries, scarves, little boxes, all things which we would have bought mine and Cols mum's in past years.

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