Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas brainwashing...

... going on here the past two Saturdays!  I bought a couple of new Christmas music CDs, old Bing and his mates, Johnny Cash and added to the triple CD from last year, I have a great Christmas section in my iTunes.   It always seems a shame kids today aren't as exposed to Christmas carols and oldies, so quietly I'm playing them in the background and hoping they'll be like me... 'I like this one.. who is it?' (but usually for me it's a track I hated last week when I first heard it!

Plenty of cleaning going on here, Jordan stayed back from the video-watching last day of school yesterday and got next door ready for Uncle Bill bar a few tree decorations, and indoors today I have Zac booked to make up a new sofa for the kitchen, and Ross is allocated to cleaning the bathroom with me this afternoon...have to make use of his OCD in a positive way don't I!?

Oh, and Jordan almondpasted her first cake this week..

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