Wednesday, 23 December 2009


... in our yard all day yesterday and today.. the winter sun lies so low that it didn't get to the icey hails which covered the yard before we got up yesterday.. I hate it...all that almost slipping, makes you appreciate walking normally!  Bet it's much nicer to crunch through inches of snow like our friends in Maryland and Munich!

Uncle Bill arrived safely, he was delayed States side as they chased Washington's worst blizzard in recent history ., but he got an extra night there but got to see his grand-daughter enjoy the snow.. as they say Flip-It and see the best in a situation!

We cut the holly yesterday (for we read Zac, who is now my lights master as well as tree cutter)  and it has pride of place in my kitchen..but it is a smaller version than last year and it is surely groaning under the weight of every decoration we own... from the 60 year old bells to the 2006 gingerbread men .. in fact it looks a little like one of those shrines you see covered in pieces of material offered up by religious followers (ahh, a little like me and Christmas tree I suppose!.. this blogging is sooo revealing) 
...that's the trouble with having 5 children, when you buy new decorations it is times 5... but gradually I guess they will dwindle as I pack them up for them to use in their own houses one day... if they are even remotely nostagic for their past that is..I could turn them into modern minimalist adults the way I am going.

U Bill was recording all the events, more to scrap.. and when I look back it is amazing to realise how many of his photos I have already scrapped this year.. Zac's prom, Colin's eyes, paintball..

Little mention too to say how great it was to go with Gillian to Carols at St Levan, great company, beautiful night, and the mulled wine and mince pies went down well too. Saw Sarah our cousin and we always have a little reminisce, and swap some new stories, perhaps they'll be the folklore for our kids.. like how she got her pounds and kilos mixed up and now has a very large turkey for Friday!  Thinking of you guys..

Funny when you see so many faces you know, and it made me think that 40 years ago we'd have all been there as kids but now we are the grown who's in charge ???

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