Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Birthday Michele..

..working that they are 5 hours behind us Michele should be having her very special night out in Baltimore right now.. a spectacular restaurant by all accounts.  And travel south for the holiday on Christmas Eve!

Just a little reminder of the cold weekend we shared last year, the decoration she gave us .. now has pride of place in my kitchen amongst the holly above my fridge!


  1. Have loved your Chrismassy posts - it sure looks festive in your home! Have a lovely Christmas Kathi, maybe I'll get to see you again one day!

  2. hey you, just read all your posts , u have created a cozey little corner full of nostalga ..we are just about ready to let 6 kids loose on the tree this end ... chaotic and random is the order of the day!
    love linda

  3. thanks you two.. it is how I feel, but boy sometimes I can't help but be the festy Mrs Christmas..hahaha x


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