Thursday, 24 December 2009

Bah humbug!

.. despite the feeling of loving it all in my heart I've been bah humbug all day... no-one seems very festive around here!  We went to have lunch where Ross was working.. but way too busy.. like why didn't someone book us a table.. who? me? Ross? Bah, that's what you get when everyone relies on you having sorted it!  (Just wasn't the same when we ended up having pizza somewhere else...and it was too late then to venture down an icy Sennen Hill for hot chocs and fruit cake at the Beach.)

But the highlights of my day were seeing Noami my Polish pal, who has invited us for mince pies and mulled wine.. (and we're actually going to go.. dear heart my Col must have started reading my mood at last.. hahah!..she always makes me laugh and we have a bottle of port to damage that's been waiting two years she says) ... and also our mate Chris who has a garden and decorations to die for.. helps when you run a gardening business I guess.

Oh and reading tweets, blog entries and comments from scrapping friends.. it was lovely to hear from everyone... have yourselves a merry little Christmas.. oo, I feel a song coming on!


  1. Have a good one Kathi you deserve

  2. thanks Karen, and I am really looking forward to another scrapping

  3. have a good christmas mummy love you lots and lots your jb xxxx


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