Sunday, 6 December 2009

Last scrap of the year...

... sounds like a street fight in our village!  Seriously though, we had a great day yesterday, few festive nibbles (well a minor feast to be honest) and some great canvases created, as usual inspired ideas from Linda.  Last year for Christmas Jordan gave me a 12" deep frame so I gave pride of place to this picture of my Mum and Ross, so this Christmas I wanted a nice layout of Jean to share the space in our kitchen.

I tried to incorporate a range of photos, some of them not usually seen in our collections, Zac liked the one of Nan riding the quad back in...about 1995 I think, and I like the one a few years ago with Kate making the famous smiley face which seems to be the genetic link between her and Lisa, caught on camera! 

The layout wouldn't be complete without a few grungeboard letters and some bling!  (and I'm sure the paint I used was red, but now it seems pink!)
....I am less than happy though with the quality of photos coming out of my new camera phone.. it's an LG touchscreen but it is beaten hands down by my faithful old Motorola!

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