Thursday, 17 December 2009

Mr (and Mrs) Happy!

Colin is showing definite signs of Christmas Cheer.. he has, it must be said, cracked several sad but undeniably humourous jokes this week and it is lovely to see him relax a little. I'm not sure if it is the sheer volume of work we have in which is making his head a little light or the idea of a few days break .. or perhaps the promise of a good holiday come springtime... whichever I'm happy to go along for the ride!

Examples of said humour...
  • 'I bought lots more cereal today when I was out.. I'm a serial shopper!!'
  • 'I used  a store discount card to scrape ice off the windscreen, pity it only removed 10% of the ice!'
.. see I said sad.

Been out twice this week for a meal at the Dolphin in Penzance. Took the crew from STS on Monday and last night caught up with cousins, both evenings lubricated nicely with hot mulled wine which if I can recall, runs well into the New Year.. sounds good to me. May take Uncle Bill there next week for the Chrsitmas Carol-oke, hoping this is the 21st Century version of a Carolaire as opposed to individual singing, but who knows.

Heading out to St Levan for the annual Christingle on Sunday evening. I have been the past 3 years now and love to take that bit of time out to reacquaint myself with places and faces from the days 'way back when'...each year I ask the kids if any of them want to come along, they all give me that funny look, like 'do I have to?'. I then let them off the hook saying that I am happy to go alone, and they should only come if they want and by no accounts come along just to please me.

Consequently I go alone, head off to meet Gill and the others ...It's so special to travel out west on my own, music and thoughts to myself, drift back to the days when Father Christmas decorated our holly on Christmas Eve as an extra gift and we ran across the road to show old Auntie Janie our presents as soon as the door was open!

(It was only as a much older child I realised that the tree decorating was done so late cos Mum & Dad had been so busy and the present of a decorated tree made up for having small presents if fishing had been tough the weeks leading up to Christmas.. and appreciate too the year I got a fab dolls cot in February when there had been a good week's fishing, to make up for a sad Christmas.. we only realise the sacrifices when they have long passed don't we?)

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