Monday, 7 July 2014

Zac's Passed Out! (well, he graduated and saw the sunrise over Southampton)

Proud Mommy!
So... three years have passed us by.. almost.. Zac has sailed the high seas for almost 14 months and spent many an hour pondering ballast and navigation calculations at college .. oh and also acquainted himself with many a nightclub, Hollywood wax works, Hawaiian volcanos, glaciers in Alaska and tropical downpours in Fiji.. (sure I have missed what he would see as his highlights!)

The academic terms are done, short courses in fire fighting and rescue boats passed and all the cadets had family come to Southampton Guildhall for the Passing Out Ceremony. Not quite a march past but the cadets were all so beautifully turned out and professional you could not fail to be proud or impressed!

The only shame is that the biggest hurdle is still to face.. his final oral exam in about 2 weeks.  Then he can go to sea with his Princess Cruise company employer as a fully fledged Third Officer (Officer of the Watch)

The College put out a spoof 'Notice to Shipping' warning of the imminent arrival of newly qualified officers!

6am Sunday!
It was a lovely evening and we got to see some of his great friends who had been here for Col's 50th birthday. Some of them have family abroad and they invited friends to play Mum & Dad instead but their parents were able to watch the ceremony online.. ahh the wonders of the 21st Century!

They were a lot of fun and even invited us two out for their after party drinks.. we decided being horizontal back at the hotel was the best place for us after a long day visiting museums and running about the day before (I always seem to get Colin to visit a customer instead of really taking time off) .. well it was the hottest night too, poor Zac in his formal uniform and me in a maxi dress.. 

The next day Zac's friend Sean and his family who were down for the event and had brought along the whole family for a holiday, invited us to Sean's grandad's 90th birthday as a joint barbecue celebration with the newly qualified sailors! 

Jordan had made the cake and we had delivered it the day before.

Sean's family are from Liverpool so there was lots of banter with Colin and we met Sean's 'Champagne Auntie' who was Zac's drinking partner at Easter when he went 'up north' to visit with Sean!  Charlie had all his family round him and he was telling me he knew that they must have something planned as several of his kids said they were going away the very weekend of his birthday.   They flew Charlie and his wife down  to Southampton and they loved it, certainly less stressful than a 5 hour drive for them!

The newly graduated crew were a little worse for wear, 'some' not having got home from the casino and nightclubs til 7am!  But it was so hot and sunny that it felt like perfect end of term summer atmosphere!

Voirrey, Imogen, (Lauren, an already qualified pal), Zac & Sean
 Not being one to miss an opportunity, I asked Voirrey if I could photograph her tattoo for the Summer Scavenger Hunt..and she kindly obliged!

Voirrey works for Holland America Cruise Line and they are very keen that staff do not have tattoos, or at least ones which are very visible so she had to declare that she had one and send pictures of it to the company to make sure she would still be allowed to join their training programme! ( I think she has it covered whilst at work..;-) )

It was a great time, another of our crew on the way in the world and not one of them taking a conventional route yet!


  1. What a wonderful time you have had, CONGRATULATIONS to Zac and his friends. Sounds like a perfect end to his training. xxx

  2. Wonderful post. You must be really proud. I really must start on my scavenger hunt!

  3. How wonderful have been there to help everyone celebrate. Looks like you had a grand time. I love the pic of you and Zac. Beautiful Mom, handsome son!


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