Monday, 14 July 2014

'Two' go on an adventure

So we took the 'Two' down to the field for a campfire lunch yesterday..

Colin had it all planned out, so much so it looked like it was spontaneous (an hour welding the grill and prepping the cart to carry the wood and stones!

So you arrange the wood like a wigwam..
.. and cook the food! (No pictures of my favourite.. banana and melted chocolate (we used Munchies.. so fab!)
Yes, he even brought carpet for us to sit on!

Later on Col's Dad (Little Pops) joined us and found the 'dead frog', which after being scared of the smallest ant, Lyla found fascinating.. maybe because it was dead!

Pops thought maybe it had not been able to find water, but we admitted that it may have been a victim of the 'flattening-the-tall-grass-with-an-old-car' behaviour that Colin had employed to get us a nice flat picnic space!

Perfect image for my TWO prompt over at Lucky 7s
Lucky 7s
(PS the photo opportunity and the tale made the whole event look much more idyllic than it really was.. one 3 year old frantic that an ant was a BEE! so requiring to 'sit on you nannie' and a competitive older sister who also thought we should go fetch a box and give the frog a proper burial made for a frantic hour or was that 90 minutes.. but we had fun and I have the photos to prove it!!)


  1. It does look Idyllic! Hopefully one of those days they will remember forever.

  2. I'm just catching up with you. You have some lovely photos of a great day. Your girls will remember the day for a long time to come.

  3. What a wonderful day! Bravo Kathi & Colin!

  4. lol love the PS great time though I am sure. xx


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