Thursday, 17 July 2014


Well Colin has taken our four design guys away to Farnborough Air Show so I have had a day in the office with Kate helping man the we have 3 lines in ..and just me to answer calls today!

Jamie sent me this message with a picture Of three of them....He said its his first selfie too!
Another three.. Zac's friend Sean passed his Oral exams so that's number 3 of the little crew of 4..just Zac left now and his exam is next week.

And my photo is showing the three lots of gel nails Kate did this evening.  My fingers and toes... .and now her toes.. its such a nice thing to have her do.. I was just saying to her that as your children get older you are a bit less physical with them. ...less cuddles and carrying.. and it is kind of a nice closeness to have her tend my nails..

I found this little gem the other day.. Jordan's 4th birthday.. and her cake!

Now she is making the cakes! Lisa is still holding the baby ;-)


  1. I like all of your pictures. My daughter and I used to do each others fingers and toes as well until she had Henry and Spencer. Now she doesn't have time to even do her own. LOL

  2. lol love the selfie. Very handy having your own beautician in the house. xx


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