Monday, 7 July 2014

Viewed from the back!

So.. last week's prompt was taking pictures from behind or the back of something.  I had lots of good intentions but not all of them worked out..and since I am a bit behind I thought I would just show you them all in one go!

On Saturday a week ago, we hung out with Zac and visited the HMS Alliance ( a great exhibit, a real vintage submarine!) and also a small but very interesting (especially to Colin) Diving Museum set up in Gosport in a navy battery almost underground.

I took this picture of the submarine poster as it was a view from the back!

Colin & Zac were happy to play along with my crazy picture taking as they studied this One Atmosphere 'JIM' suit.

There was also an exhibit which was very dark and like an operations room in a sub or naval ship.. there were lots of mannequins and my lovely Jordan would have been quite uncomfortable with them around every corner!

This exhibit at the diving museum was especially spooky, looked more like Dr Who costumes! But they were just examples of different diving equipment used not that long ago.

One of our workshop guys has got a GoPro head camera and took a video of a cycle ride.. this is tea break with all the guys watching the video..

..and yesterday I went to Plymouth and took the chance to sit down whilst the girls were choosing which 'Spud They Liked' !!

.. finally.. the back of the orchid a friend bought me 3 and half years ago and it still flowers!

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