Wednesday, 16 July 2014

50!..or a multiple of?

I am smiling here! I was wondering just what I could use for the 50 prompt over at Lucky 7s!  then luckily something came to me... just now!

Things are very hectic in our office, so much work and such a lot of people wanting their items .. like..soon.. like yesterday. The new buildings cannot come soon enough.. the footings were concreted in for the first building yesterday and I took a pic as we went down the field for a peruse..

I was a bit fed up yesterday as I am often the person who ends up apologising for lateness and it doesn't lie very good with me.. I am a pleaser person I think.  So our great partner in crime Ben got a bit of an ear bashing, nice, polite but a bit determined and I apologised later for it.. 

.. then this morning he brought biscuits.. my favourite.. and because they are my favourite and he felt bad about it too.. awhhh... it's just one of those things when you spend lots of time together and its hard not to moan and feel that someone may take it personal.. I am so glad I am not in HR, I would never be able to pull rank on anyone!

And see that number! 

It must be a multiple of 50!!!

5,000,000.. made and sold every week.. who buys them? who eats them?


  1. Those look good! I would love to try them. We have a lot of British imports here so I will look for them but I doubt I will find them.

  2. lol well it isn't me though we do happen to have a packet in the cupboard, I don't do wafers lol. xx


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