Saturday, 12 July 2014

More windows..and newsy stuff.

Well I have a few different pictures for the finish of this week. Yesterday in Penzance I saw this unusual thing in a vintage shop window.. A birdcage with two naked action men dolls..One in the mouth of a fabric crocodile. ..not sure what that's all about but it amused me! .. but Kate was cringing at my taking a photo of a shop window..These young things, they need to loosen up a bit!

We have the two big grand daughters staying as Mum & Dad are having a couple of nights away being grown ups.. and because I still appreciate when we get to do that I am more than happy to oblige with babysitting. The baby one is with the other Gran so we have divided and ruled!

This morning I ran a bakery stall for Jordan as she was starting a new organic market in Penzance town centre..which went well. Lilly came to help and we had fun..she was a lovely help and when she is on her own she loves to be grown up as being a big sister can make her quite frustrated at times ..;-) She sometimes wishes for a brother but I think it's more about wishing away the sisters for a while as boys don't want to share your toys do they?

This afternoon we took them shopping for a few things and as we left the car park and they were both strapped in we smiled at each other across the roof of the car and remembered how lucky we are to be on the other side of daily child handling! I am quite chilled out though, even let them have a play in an (old giftset) makeup box before tea!

A while ago we bought Pops a golf buggy from one of our friends who buys and sells electric vehicles. ... A little bit of celebrating his 80th year!..and he will enjoy driving up and down to the ex factory and driving his tools about in the back.

It's also proving a lot of fun for him (and us with the girls) as we can take a drive down the fields..that were once a motocross and paintball field..and are now being prepped for parking and landscaping around our new factory buildings.  Lilly and Lyla loved trekking around and I took some pics to send to Zac while he tries to absorb some more facts and information for his final exams in ten days or so. . ( there is a little group of them who we think will remain in touch after they all go to sea.. The 'A' Team...and the two girls have passed the oral this week.. just Sean and Zac to go...)

Finishing this at 9pm on Saturday and both the girls tucked up and reports from the parents than fine weather, fun and rest are all ticked boxes already .. x

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