Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Making the most of Summer!

The summer weather has made us all try to take advantage of the still light evenings and the warmth. This evening April and I had the 3 girls so Lisa and Tom could go for a kayak and then a swim and have some supper .. just the two of them. I still appreciate that Cols Mum and mine did so much for us that I am always happy to do it for them..

Annabelle is just about walking and Little Pops (Col's Dad) was playing hide and seek with her watching from our kitchen window.. you can just see him peeping from behind the curtain!

Summer Children:  Ross & Lilly.
We joked that History is repeating itself, Ross got the 50cc quad out which we bought when Lisa was about 7, it's been welded up and rebuilt a fair few times in the last 19 years, and still creates joy in a child.. and a grown up!

Linking up with my challenge over at Lucky 7s here is a summer sunset.. we have had the most glorious shows of sun and light this year.. and if I wake early tomorrow I will give you the sunrise too!


  1. Great pictures. Annabelle is just adorable! Beautiful sunset!

  2. Lovely family photos and a beautiful sunset


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