Thursday, 17 July 2014

10...A tenuous link!

 So! .. yesterday our Lilly was 6 years old!

Take Liily at 6 plus Lyla at 3 and Annabelle at 1= TOTAL 10 Years old!

It was a dull evening but warm so we all got together after work and had a little barbecue party.. not that there is much little about a gathering at our house..

.. presents to be raved about were:

.. a marshmallow dipper set (yes, honestly, the best thing!), 

..Mushi Monsters (the Silver Collection.. apparently!.. yes, that was a fluke, being a nice boxed set and on sale in Debenhams and accredited to Zac who manages to be a hero even without trying!)

.. some Glow in the dark Balloons.. yes, they have little light inside.. even popular when the balloon has burst!

..and best of all a Loom set, the like of which has not been seen popularity wise since Scoobies and Pokemon!

Kate was the hero here, making a pretty presentable bracelet despite the Chinese English instruction manual!

Jordan made 'Lovely' a Mushi Monster cake , her third birthday cake in 10 days! Just as well my brother doesn't live close as it's his birthday on 20th and his brood would definitely make short work of another cake!
I didn't quite get a good picture of everyone.. mostly people were eating which is not the prettiest picture!
6 years as Mum & Dad..
My catering team: JB & Apr

Jordan & Dom..


  1. Love the pictures. Looks like everyone had a good time. I am so looking forward to going back to the States for Christmas where we will have family to celebrate with and spend time with.

  2. Lovely set of photos, you all having a great time. xx


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