Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Through my kitchen window..

Kitchen Container view!
Even a whole bunch of containers living (temporarily ) in my eye line could make me fed up with the view out of my long awaited kitchen window!

Pops is so lovely..He always makes sure I have some flowers on the windowsill..The orchid is the one from when Lyla was born and the Peace Lilly ( in need of some TLC or feed!) was a gift from our friend Hazel when she came to my Mum's ashes day almost 6 years ago.. I really must repot it!

I also have extra lovely light from 3 Velux and the glazed door panel.. not much chance of missing much ;-)

Happy 28th Ross!

It was Ross' birthday yesterday..28 years old.. I remember it like it was yesterday.... as you do!

We all got together for a slightly windy but sunny barbecue and as he had his proper (cappuccino) cake for his weekend friends event Jordan made this lovely blueberry and lemon fat free offering .. almost like a pudding and with fresh fruit ..awesome! 

It is also Lisa's birthday this week, Ross was 2 and 3 days when she was born.  She and Tom are having a couple of days away so look out for some picture heavy posts over the weekend!
My family : Girls and food!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Ross, the cake does look amazing I have to say. xx

  2. Great pictures Kathi! That cake looks delicious!


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