Thursday, 23 June 2011

One day in summer..

 This is a layout I just realised I hadn't blogged. I always liked this batch of photos and they eventually gave me an idea for a layout using the CosnmoCricket waves papers. .  I cut waves out of two sheets and then swapped a piece to mix the blue waves with the coloured ones and give it a double layout which kind of matched.

The Shore card was a bingo card I had from Linda, not sure what Bingo cards are all about really as scrapbooking goes, so I covered the numbers with the photo. 

Lisa laughed when she saw the pictures.. 'look at Dad's shoes, he hasn't done much beaching in those'.... and look at how he's attacking the sandcastle making.. not much relaxing on the beach for this construction engineeer! Yes, we never did go beaching much and it was always off season and pretty much us on a mission when we did!

Nice little spot for my beach stamp, coloured with my ProMarkers.  And hey, who'd have thought it then that Ross would become such an avid bodyboarder..

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  1. Blimey three posts in one day - must be on a roll - or are you trying to stop me nagging lol.

    Glad you are keeping up the evening walks. xx


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