Sunday, 5 June 2011

Where's the time gone..

.. a gentle nudge from Karen and I realised it's two weeks since the last blog! I've been aware of the time lapse but I guess we've been busy and there's not been too much of note to tell. 

Half-term was nice, great weather and the kids took time out as well as doing some revision. Jb has GCSE's and Zac his 'A' levels.  I took a day out to do some appointments but also took myself off to meet with friends.. it was an odd (but nice) feeling to get out of the car, alone, just me and my handbag (!) and have no-one else to ask where they wanted to go, meet up, or anything.  I think I could get used to it.. maybe one day a week just for me.. it's quite an alien thought after so many years of having to tick the boxes in my head of where the kids were/ when they may need me / what other promises I have made to be somewhere or work to do.

Work ,well there's another story.. it's still real busy and we have had some nice orders, in multiples and from previous customers, so that's kind ofwhere you've always been heading isn't it.  And now we have more people who knows, those long weekends and trips may actually come to fruition.

It's Colin's birthday today. I kind of set him up to have a 'Pirate Party', well it was for our little one really and she enjoyed the Treasure Chest cake, the things to find and the wooden sppon pirates to make!  I think I've also booked myself to take her to the Pirate World Record attempt during Golowan on 26th June in Penzance.. well if Penzance can't sort 6500 pirates who can..

Jordan did her usual brilliant effort and made the cake and also fresh meringues for the Eton Mess dessert which is Dad's favourite...x

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  1. So glad the 'gentle nudge' worked. Cake looks fantastic and I bet Colin ..I mean Lily loved the day.xx


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