Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Large nudge..

.. from Karen and here I am again, unsure as to why the lull in my blogging, but back now just the same.  I was thinking back over the last week and wondering what was blog-worthy, but I guess maybe it's the mundane which is just as much worth a mention as the epic adventures.. cos if it's epic adventures she's waiting for Karen may be waiting a good while!

Col returned from Ireland after a good few days customer visits, cursing the lack of postcodes in the Emerald Isle. I spent several hours on Google Maps luring him to his destination with various landmarks and numerous parallel roads all called the same thing in Dublin.  Speaking with a guy from Belfast afterwards he said that's what makes it Ireland... maybe it is the place for a holiday.. stay put, relax and enjoy 'cos if you're looking to go anywhere you'll never find it!

Talking of relaxing and enjoying, Col's Uncle Bill may be over here on a flying visit late October.  'Definitely!' and 'I''ll be home for the weekend' were the cries from JB and Zac when I told them. It's so good the feeling he creates amongst us all, makes us celebrate family a bit more, rather than just living it. An autumn barbecue in the rain is even cool with UB as special guest!

Now, what did the weekend bring?  A couple of moochy days with Col trying to recover his stiff back, but that was good, it made me laze as well and it was kind of what we needed. A walk on Sennen beach, a wave to Ross teaching his young group of 'Grommets' to surf and then onward to town for a beautiful swordfish steak at Snapper. Just what the doctor ordered! And it was still only Saturday teatime.

Sunday was wet and dreary but we had a great motor racing day. We slept while a lot of the world watched Le Mans, but we woke to watch Moto GP races from Silverstone (Yvonne tells me: 'wet but lots of fun') and then some chores before the Canadian F1 Grand Prix. Rain played a role there too, and a lead role at that... caused a two hour interval (time for making tea) but the last 30 laps were epic.. Jenson did the business, 6 pit stops, 2 accidents, a drive-through penalty and raced from the back to win first place! 
We thought Vettel had it in the bag but a forced error gave Jenson the much deserved win... we roared and cheered, it was reminiscent of the halcyon days when we were huge Damon Hill fans...

... I commented as we went to bed that we'd spent almost all day watching motor racing and Col said that's cool, we spent the day enjoying one of our hobbies!

That reminds me, I have lots of pics of our trips to Silverstone back in the 90's, I can see a scrapbook page coming on.. especially as we managed to get in on the 'Jordan party' before they moved its location and began charging for it... Chris de Burgh was there and loads of the drivers and our mate Frans took some great photos which deserve the scrapbook treatment!


  1. Gosh, this post brings back memories of my mispent youth at the Silverstone track - but it was Fitipaldi (spelling) and Jonathan Palmer then!!!
    Did watch the TT and the moto GP as well. xx

  2. ...mmm, and Christian Fittipaldi was a very tasty snack.. a lot prettier than his uncle!


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