Sunday, 2 January 2011

That same feeling..

.. you know the holiday is coming to an end and can feel the moments hurtling past you, helpless to slow them down, tomorrow is the last day and inevitably the time off will end.  The feeling seems to be the same whether you're in the Maldives or just home bimbling around..that urghh back to school feeling!

We tried hard to enjoy today though, lunchtime drinks with Zac's girlfriend for her 18th, a little visit to see Mum's old friend, much welcomed and pleased myself too that we managed to call by again. New Year's Resolution No. 2 is to call by more often, it is good for both of us. Makes me kind of feel like I'm paying back a bit, remembering my Mum and all that.

Then we called at our favourite pub, the Dolphin in Penzance, it'd be our local if it wasn't ten miles away! Quick snack and home for a few chores, and easy tea at 8.30pm (yes, again, but it did involve eggs and bread so not completely lacking!)

Sadly I think I can feel another cold in the pending section of my shoulders and throat, so I'm off to have a few oranges and a shot of port, see if that'll knock it out.. and if it doesn't, I've also had fun trying!

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  1. Glad your NY resolutions are going well - albeit day two :) Hope that cold stays off, enjoy your last day before return to normality -whatever that is. xx


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