Monday, 17 January 2011

On the bright side...

I'm not sure when Ross first exhibited his slightly OCD tendancies, perhaps when he was two or three and Brio mad. Do you remember that wooden train set they used to have set up in Early Learning? Maybe it was when he used to line up all his cars, and the one with the trailer which took a boat on it, in a tidy line along the steps into his play space?

well we sometimes give him a little amount of grief for it, because tidying things out of sight is not always the best thing when he's then out of the house so much and we're all looking for the offending article. I guess if we all had places for stuff in the first place we wouldn't be moaning, but there's so many of us it's hard to have a place for everything.

How it was...

Anyway, tonight I collected big style. I cooked a great roast and soon after Ross dragged me off to tidy my scrap was a big job, there was no desk to be seen, bags all over the floor and a host of plastic boxes, shame there was nothing in them. 

Two hours later and I have a room to be proud of, lots of things sorted and even the stuff that isn't sorted is stashed away in drawers and seems almost manageable... funny how since I began scrapbooking I have more photos, reprint, scans, zooms, photoshopped, pictures taken just for scrap-sake!  yes, we managed what I never do, to get past the piles of old kids school reports and birthday cards from years gone by, to create almost a system.

(The only thing is, all the soft toys which were quietly nestled on the tall shelf around the edge of the room, have been ousted to a basket on the landing, next to all the other things not deemed worthy of a place in 'Mum's scrap heaven.'  A job for another evening methinks)

..but it really is good to see 3 layouts awaiting completion laid on the desk, tools in my big mug alongside and brads and pens waiting to adorn the pic of JB and her guitar. I can even put a chair back in there now! But does this mean I have to scrap in there? I quite like bagging up some stuff and scrapping on the kitchen worktop, TV on to listen to and the kids inning and outing.. well at least I'll be able to find the bits I know I own, but so far haven't used because they're there.. somewhere!

Thanks Ross, my hunney! Hoping I can do you justice, and who knows if those layouts get finished I might even be able to open the curtains in there again (currently on night mode all day as I fear the effect of the sun gazing on the photos etc. day on day.)

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  1. Love it lol, you could hire Ross out to people like me :) It would either break his desire or he would be in his element lol. Look forward to seeing the completed LO's now.xx


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